Stories of Our Past

Time line of the Fredericton Fire Department

History of the Bucket Brigade

The first person to take out Fire Insurance

The death of "The Chief", Fire Chief Andrew Lipsett

The death of fireman George Clynic

The death of fireman Vince Porter

The death of Captain Benjamin Kerton

"The Day We Saved the King Street Station"

A letter to the editor from Fireman Wm Clark (written in 1893)

History of Marysville Fire Protection

First city with 911 - Story in National Magazine

Rum used to entice Firefighters

Strong Lungs earns this infant the title of Honorary Fireman

Runaway Coffins?

Names of the Hand Engine Companies in 1867

Steam Engine Companies Compete

A Chimney fire, a Stove Pipe and a Chamberpot

1895 Chief's Report

Testing Response time?

Speeding Horses... The first ticket issued to a fireman

The Tale of King Street Station

What Flames Have Undone - Written in 1893

A tragic accident in the downtown involving a fire truck

A story in the Newspaper about a new hose sled (1898)

Fredericton Receives the First Snorkel Truck in Canada

Four Generation of Firefighters

Evolution of Fire Alarms in Fredericton

The Fire Department tests High Expansion Foam

Fire Underwriters Report - 1931

Jim O'Neill - A life-time of Fire